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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is both a selfless and selfish act, which offers benefits to the organization and the volunteer. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity estimates that it takes about 3,000 hours to build a Habitat home. Volunteers are imperative to fulfilling the mission of Pikes Peak Habitat. An estimated 3,000 volunteers a year spend time on the construction sites helping to build Habitat homes in support of Pikes Peak Habitat’s mission. Volunteering not only supports Pikes Peak Habitat but also has overall benefits for the volunteer. Volunteering has positive effects on people’s health, stress levels, create deeper connections, and people feel more engaged and informed.
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Meet the Target Market

The target market for this campaign consists of 25 – 35 year old made primarily up of Millennials and military personnel and families. Military communities are more interconnected between community components than civilian communities according to the Journal of Community Psychology (2014). Cohesion and similarities in perceptions exist among the local military population, encouraging a strong populace of willing volunteers as compared to a non-military demographic. Millennials are also on the rise for charitable giving and are on track to pass previous generations of Americans. The target market is a combination of people that care about unity in the community and giving back. Finding out how to encourage the target audience through marketing specific content will encourage volunteers to support Pikes Peak Habitat’s mission. Millennials are the most social media savvy of the generations. Reaching this target market in a way this is impactful means building a campaign based on transparency and trust. Facebook is by far the most commonly used social media platform among Millennials. In order for the campaign to reach the target market through social media the content must emphasize Pikes Peak Habitat’s mission as authentic and create a positive brand experience. Including content of volunteers, staff and Habitat homeowners expressing real emotions will allow the organization to connect with the target market in an honest way.
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