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Fly Video Editor App Review

Fly Video Editor Image
Fly Video Editor Application image
If you are a Public Relations professional and spend a lot of time attending and promoting events the Fly Video Editor app, created by Fly Labs, can help you promote the event and reach your audience by helping you create a video quickly. The Fly video editor application is easy to use and free. While there is other video editing apps out there, Fly video is great for taking several video clips and merging, trimming and clipping them effortlessly together on a neat timeline to create professional videos. The Interface  The application’s interface is simple. When you first download the app it takes you through a tutorial. The tutorial allows you to edit stock footage by taking you through a step-by-step method of how the app works. Afterwards you can view the video that you edited and get an idea of the types of videos you can create in the future. The Fly video-editing app allows you to shoot up to four different video clips from the application or shoot video from the camera on your device and upload them into the application. If you decide to shoot video from in the application, the app offers a helpful reminder to turn your device horizontally when capturing the video. Once you either shoot or import the four videos that you deem are content worthy you can begin editing the content in the timeline. The four clips are visible below the timeline so that you can choose which clip you want to begin with, switch to and edit into your final product by simply tapping on the video clips below the timeline. You can also choose to do a split screen effect, dissolves, and video with in a video effect. Audio can make or break a video. The Fly app allows you to adjust the volume on each clip, add a voiceover and put music under if you choose. As public relations professional this can be helpful if you are doing interviews or attending live music events. The fly video-editing app allows public relations professionals to share their experiences with their audience in near real-time. A PR pro could create several videos of a single event with this application and share the videos while the event is still happening. I suggest taking longer clips, maybe up to a minute or more, and using an interview as your first clip than switching through your b-roll. The timeline will only be as long as the clip you choose to start with. Garden of the Gods Promo Video from Amber Martin on Vimeo. I made this video using my IPod Touch and both the Fly Video Editor application and Clips Video Editor. More From Fly Labs  Fly Labs has several other applications called Clips Video Editor, Tempo Video Editor and Crop on the Fly. These are separate downloads, but can be helpful if you want to create different effects. I used the Tempo Video Editor to shoot a clip and then slow it down. I saved the clip to my photos, the camera app, on my device and then imported it into the Fly Video Editor. I was than able to use the clip in my Fly Video Editor timeline with the new slow motion effect that I added to the clip. While it would be more useful if all these effects were part of the Fly Video Editor app and I didn’t have to download three other Fly Lab applications for this purpose, it still added free video editing options that didn’t take a lot of time.  Sharing  After you have completed editing your video and are satisfied with the final product you can save and share the video with your audience directly from the app. There are several social media options to share directly to such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If you don’t see the social media platform you would like to use you can always save it to your photos, i.e. your camera app, and choose to share it from there to any platform of your choice. As a Public Relations professional you have a limited amount of time to capture your audiences attention and promote your brand. A quick professional video that taps into your audience’s emotions and sends your message through the proper platforms is a sure way to visually capture your audience’s attention and get them to re-share your content. Wish App  As a PR professional I am always trying to find ways to make my job more fluid. An application that could incorporate all of Fly Labs video editor apps as well as integrate the social media sharing and scheduling application of Hootsuite would be exceptional. I would also like the app to have the ability to back up all of my videos to a cloud type location. The application wouldn’t be complete without a similar ability to the Outbrain Amplify app, which recommends content to top sites that would help you reach the most relevant audiences.