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Mobile Education App Could Provide Girls with Opportunities and Cultural Awareness

Young girls from an orphanage pose for a photo in Chad, Africa on March 7, 2015. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Amber Martin)
Young girls from an orphanage in Chad, Africa pose for a photo on March 7, 2015. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Amber Martin)
A mobile application aimed at educating girls globally can help solve education opportunities and issues in global communities. By teaming with the right organization, providing the right tools and creating an app that addresses educational opportunities and cultural awareness, a gap can be bridged. Partnering with Educate Girls Globally Teaming up with Educate Girls Globally (EGG), an organization with a mission to “empower all major stakeholders to reform government schools and promote economic and social change” would allow the application to be piloted in a few rural communities. The program currently operates in India and Latin America and runs in some of the most traditional and tribal parts of the countries. How the Application Works The application would allow female students the opportunity to engage with other young women in western countries and vice versa. Classrooms in the EGG program and western classrooms would be able to register their female students through this application and then link the girls up based on age and data provided during the registration. The app would provide messaging, audio, video chat and educational activities based on cultural awareness and communication that the girls could share and learn together on. Both girls from western nations and these rural communities would benefit by gaining cultural awareness, diversity awareness, language immersion, and various other opportunities through this application. The application would be graphics driven so that language barriers could be breached. While Educate Girls Globally has made some serious impacts in educating girls, seeing fewer dropouts and higher enrollment rates, there are still girls whose family members don’t allow them to study and go to school. This application could address this issue as well. EGG could disseminate mobile devices with the application to these girls. Local teachers could use the application to check in with the students as well as look at each individual students progress through a report that the application builds on each student. The pilot program of the mobile app would allow students and teachers the ability to provide information and comments on how they would like the application to build their specific curriculum. The application could be adjusted to fit their needs throughout the girls’ education. Promotional Techniques I would promote this application using Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. YouTube would be able to promote this mobile app to a younger audience as well as a more diverse audience by visually showing and expressing the use and idea of the app. Facebook would allow people to share and like the YouTube link. I could create a LinkedIn page to showcase the app, build awareness and post updates to my desired audience.