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Springs Rescue Mission Feeds Those in Need

Volunteers prepare meals in the Samaritan's Kitchen at Springs Rescue Mission Colorado Springs, Colo.
Four men and one woman work around a small kitchen table shredding whole turkeys and chopping cabbage and carrots in the Samaritan’s Kitchen at Springs Rescue Mission Jan. 22, 2016 as homeless people from all walks of life wait outside to be served dinner. “Since I’ve been here people are generally pretty excited to come in. They can see that we’re putting an effort into providing good food for them, nutritious and flavorful,” said Pam Scharfenberg, a Chef in the Samaritan’s Kitchen. “Its very important to have a warm meal during the winter months. One of the things that we try to do is feed people a hot meal loaded with carbohydrates because that’s what creates energy and warmth in your body.” 27 people are served Turkey a la King with potatoes and bread during the first dinner meal of the evening. Applesauce and granola bars are passed out as a snack. The food is provided by generous donations from the community. Three dinner meals are served in the evenings starting at 4:00pm and ending at 5:30pm. The Samaritan's Kitchen has the ability to serve up to 225 people dinner each evening, Monday through Saturday. “The atmosphere in the kitchen is jovial fellowship,” said Ezekiel Conley, Graduate Services Program Culinary Intern and Kitchen Manager. “The dinner program is called Message in a Meal, so there’s always a scripture verse and the daily bread read before the meal and the prayer. Most people are receiving of that.” Springs Rescue Mission Men from the New Life Program do food preparation, cooking, serving, and washing dishes 20 to 30 hours a week as part of the program. Nine men are on shift this evening. As well as one volunteer who comes in regularly to help. Volunteers vary from day-to-day depending on who is scheduled and who shows up. “I volunteer my time because of the fellowship and camaraderie. Everybody has a good spirit here and wants to help,” said Ezekiel Conley, Graduate Services Program Culinary Intern and Kitchen Manager. “I used to be homeless, and knowing that I could come off the street and get a meal was very comforting.” To learn more about Springs Rescue Mission and the Samaritan’s Kitchen visit http://www.springsrescuemission.org/samaritans-kitchen/