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Eric Fetsch and Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Team Up for the Affordable Housing Cause

Eric Fetsch uses watercolors to paint a door for Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity's "Opening Doors for 30 Years" fundraising event.
Eric Fetsch uses watercolors to paint a door for Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity's "Opening Doors for 30 Years" fundraising event
Eric Fetsch allowed me to visit him in his home studio September 30, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colo. I had the honor to see his work up close and personal as well as listen to his passion for watercolors and community. Eric helps to unearth people’s talents in his workshops and encourages them to pursue their painting. “I try and find out what people enjoy and excel at during my workshops,” said Eric Fetsch, artist and owner of Eric Fetsch Art. “I provide them with the tools to figure out how to make that click. The fun part about workshops is you never know who is going to take off.” Eric prefers painting on canvas and teaches his technique to students that attend his workshops. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity has offered him a new challenge recently. Eric is using a hard wood door to paint a watercolor scene for Pikes Peak Habitat’s fundraising event “Opening Doors for 30 Years.” “The good thing about watercolor painting is that there are dozens and dozens of methods,” said Eric Fetsch, artists and owner of Eric Fetsch Art. “Painting a big watercolor painting used to be a massive undertaking and hard to do, but I’ve taught myself a technique that I learned from trial and error. I apply Gesso as a base coat, and off I go.”
Eric Fetsch paints Aspen trees on a door that will be donated to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity for their live auction fundraising event.
Eric Fetsch paints Aspen trees on a door that will be donated to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity for their live auction fundraising event.
The painting Eric is working on for the fundraising event achieves both his passions for watercolor and community. The watercolor will be auctioned off during Pikes Peak Habitat’s live auction fundraising event. All of the proceeds will go to families in need of affordable housing in the community. “My wife and I have always been involved with community projects,” said Eric Fetsch, artist and owner of Eric Fetsch Art. “I used to be on the Partners in Housing board. We worked with them for about 8 years. As an affordable housing concept it’s the real answer.” Partners in Housing is a transitional housing program in Colorado Springs that helps keep mothers and children in a safe place while they get back on their feet. Greccio Housing and Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity are two organizations that offer permanent housing in the community and are the next stages for these families. “The end goal is to have everyone in the community living in safe, decent, affordable homes,” said Eric Fetsch, artist and owner Eric Fetsch Art. “People are active and working in this community to make a difference. If you want to show up and participate in what we are trying to do, just show up. Everyone is welcome to get involved and make a difference in the affordable housing cause.” About Eric Fetsch Art Eric Fetsch is a member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society. He supports a variety of projects and non-profit organizations through donations of his artwork. His artwork depicts scenes of landscapes and wildlife. Eric teaches Watercolor Workshops for artists of all ages and skills. To learn more about Eric Fetsch Art go to http://ericfetsch.com About Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. The organization was founded in El Paso County in 1986. Pikes Peak Habitat’s mission is, “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” The organization builds affordable permanent housing for low-income families in the region with the generous support of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. To learn more about Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity go to http://www.pikespeakhabitat.org

Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Mission Statement

Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity's mission statement is seeking to put God’s love into action, Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity has been involved in Colorado's Pikes Peak region for 30 years. One of their goals is to recruit volunteers to support their mission. Volunteers help through devoting hours of their time in Pikes Peak Habitats operating committees, constructions sites, and administration office and at the ReStore. Volunteers help save nearly $450,000 in paid wages annually. Pikes Peak Habitat’s mission cannot progress without the help of motivated volunteers,donors and sponsors who believe in the cause. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity's goals are to reduce the number of families and individuals who are living in substandard, poverty housing in the Pikes Peak region, equip families with the tools they will need to become successful homeowners, and engage volunteers in activities that serve in the success of their programs. Looking to be a part of the affordable housing cause? Learn more about Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity and how you can be part of the solution by clicking the link below to sign up. Volunteer or call Isaac Ring, Volunteer Manager, at 719.475.7800 ext. 102

Find Out What Affordable Housing Options are Available in Colorado Springs

Increasing rent in Colorado Springs has left renters wondering how to make ends meet. This webinar provides information and insight into several affordable housing options that are available in the region. Among these options the webinar will discuss: The Colorado Springs Housing Authority, section 8, affordable rentals with Greccio Housing, transitional housing with The Salvation Army, and affordable housing through Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. There are numerous organizations and volunteers that support the community in finding solutions towards affordable housing for everyone. The city of Colorado Springs is also committed to, “promote community-wide collaboration and champion and invest in strategies that prevent and end homelessness.” Take action and be a part of the solution. Share/like the Campaign for Pikes Peak Community Facebook page.

Webinar to Discuss Housing Programs in the Pikes Peak Region

Colorado Springs has the fastest rising rent in the nation according to Rich Laden, News Business Reporter for The Gazette in Colorado Springs (2016). The total number of renter households in El Paso County, Colorado as of 2010 is 66,932 residents or 39.9 percent of the Pikes Peak region (Affordable Housing Online, n.d.). As a resident who rents in Colorado Springs, I know the struggle. I also volunteer with Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, which offers affordable homeownership to low-income families. I have seen families lives changed because of programs that offer a hand up to individuals who are in need of a safe and stable environment. This webinar will discuss what programs are available to qualifying residents struggling to make their rent. I will discuss the Colorado Springs Housing Authority and Section 8. I will also go over The Salvation Army’s transitional housing, affordable homeownership with Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, and affordable rentals with Greccio Housing. Attendees will also learn about volunteer opportunities in the community that assist local families with affordable housing. After attending the Webinar participants will know what type of housing program that they qualify for. Participants will also have a greater understanding about the programs that are available and who they can contact for assistance. If you are struggling with rent, or you know somebody in the Pikes Peak region who is struggling, please join me on Sunday July 24th from 7 – 7:30 p.m. to discuss housing opportunities that offer a hand up. Sign up by clicking the link below and sending me a message stating that you would like to attend the webinar. I will send you a message confirming your attendance and provide you with a link to the webinar. I look forward to collaborating with you. Campaign for Pikes Peak Community Facebook Page    

Women’s Resource Agency Advocates for the Women of El Paso County

WRA Logo 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Amber Martin Graduate Student, Full Sail University ALMartin2@fullsail.edu Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb. 6, 2016 – The Women’s Resource Agency empowers women and girls to attain and maintain personal self-sufficiency and economic independence. The Women’s Resource Agency is a non-profit organization located in the Pikes Peak region. The agency assists about 1000 participants each year through individual coaching, career-building workshops, personal development classes, computer training, image consulting and a professional clothing boutique for women. The majority of participants are low-income, single, separated or divorced women seeking a job that provides a living wage. In El Paso County, the median income for single moms is $25,778 a year. Eight out of Ten women who get Suited Up For Success through the agency find a job. The agency works with teen girls as well. Through their InterCept Program, at risk teen girls in El Paso County school districts are encouraged to complete high school. The program teaches leadership, building positive relationships and how to make healthy life choices. In 2015, 98 percent of the teens in the program graduated. Donations and community support are relied on to fulfill their mission. There are several ways to contribute. Volunteering, clothing donations and financial support are all accepted. Women’s Resource Agency is one of the most effective non-profit organizations in the Pikes Peak region. Most participants are referred to Women’s Resource Agency by human and social service agencies in the community. About the Women’s Resource Agency The Women’s Resource Agency is the oldest, continuously operating women’s human service organization in the Pikes Peak region. Since forming in 1972, the agency has helped thousands of women re-enter the workforce. The agency meets clients wherever they are in their lives and helps them improve their situations in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. To learn more about the Women’s Resource Agency go to http://www.wrainc.org/about.html