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Find Out What Affordable Housing Options are Available in Colorado Springs

Increasing rent in Colorado Springs has left renters wondering how to make ends meet. This webinar provides information and insight into several affordable housing options that are available in the region. Among these options the webinar will discuss: The Colorado Springs Housing Authority, section 8, affordable rentals with Greccio Housing, transitional housing with The Salvation Army, and affordable housing through Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. There are numerous organizations and volunteers that support the community in finding solutions towards affordable housing for everyone. The city of Colorado Springs is also committed to, “promote community-wide collaboration and champion and invest in strategies that prevent and end homelessness.” Take action and be a part of the solution. Share/like the Campaign for Pikes Peak Community Facebook page.

Webinar to Discuss Housing Programs in the Pikes Peak Region

Colorado Springs has the fastest rising rent in the nation according to Rich Laden, News Business Reporter for The Gazette in Colorado Springs (2016). The total number of renter households in El Paso County, Colorado as of 2010 is 66,932 residents or 39.9 percent of the Pikes Peak region (Affordable Housing Online, n.d.). As a resident who rents in Colorado Springs, I know the struggle. I also volunteer with Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, which offers affordable homeownership to low-income families. I have seen families lives changed because of programs that offer a hand up to individuals who are in need of a safe and stable environment. This webinar will discuss what programs are available to qualifying residents struggling to make their rent. I will discuss the Colorado Springs Housing Authority and Section 8. I will also go over The Salvation Army’s transitional housing, affordable homeownership with Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, and affordable rentals with Greccio Housing. Attendees will also learn about volunteer opportunities in the community that assist local families with affordable housing. After attending the Webinar participants will know what type of housing program that they qualify for. Participants will also have a greater understanding about the programs that are available and who they can contact for assistance. If you are struggling with rent, or you know somebody in the Pikes Peak region who is struggling, please join me on Sunday July 24th from 7 – 7:30 p.m. to discuss housing opportunities that offer a hand up. Sign up by clicking the link below and sending me a message stating that you would like to attend the webinar. I will send you a message confirming your attendance and provide you with a link to the webinar. I look forward to collaborating with you. Campaign for Pikes Peak Community Facebook Page